hand magic

P.C.Sorcar Junior is a magician whose art has crossed many frontiers of showmanship and creativity. He calls his show 'Indrajal', a theatrical representation or realization of the wishful dreams of living happily, where nothing seems to be impossible. Nature has got no limited boundaries in this world and a dynamic drama unfolds before the audience with its own plot, progression and climax.

In the domain of modern magic, it is the presentation of the illusions that is the most important Sorcar Junior has easily emerged as a master of presentation, with a firm grip on the emotions of his audience, and the ability to perform miracles that have sprung from his own inventive mind. Each item in his repertoire is complete in itself. His showmanship threads together all these offerings like a necklace of precious gems.

P.C. Sorcar Junior's magic has developed through a lifetime of exposure to magic and performance traditions. He has followed and studied street magicians, snake charmers, yogis, and holy men to better understand the world unknown. Traditional items familiar to the public by magicians before Sorcar Junior have also been polished and presented in a most convincing manner. In addition, Sorcar Junior is a born innovator, always busy preparing the new. His original creations are protected by copyright laws.