Indian Rope Trick

Sorcar performs his version of the legendary Indian rope trick where his wife and daughters also take part. Sorcar brings an ordinary rope which is examined by the spectators and then is coiled and placed in a basket. Maneka, the first daughter of Sorcar Jr. plays her magic flute and much to everybody's surprise the rope stands up, rigid, stiff, towards the sky, without any support, and stays like that. Moubani, the second daughter of Sorcar Jr. then is asked to climb up the rope, which she does and goes to the top. She is then asked to climb down but she does not budge. Maneka asks Sorcar Jr. to bring her down. At a magical gesture of Sorcar Jr. the rope comes down along with Moubani who runs away after being chased by Maneka. To escape the fury of Maneka, Moubani hides herself in another basket. Maneka asks her to come out of the basket but she does not submit. Then Maneka along with Mumtaz (third daughter of Sorcar Jr.) pierces swords through the basket. Atleast 8 swords are passed through. Jayashri, mother of the daughters screams and comes to the spot shouting for Sorcar Jr. Sorcar comes and waves his hands, lo, the basket is empty. Nobody is there. Moubani then reappears from amongst the audience. The whole thing is done in the open air and the spectators seat surrounding it.