Munis and Rishis have sought to remind us, from time immemorial, that the world around us represents 'maya' or illusion. We are placed in this dream like world to learn our lifes lessons and it is the supreme being who has brought this illusionary world for us.

P. C. Sorcar Junior's magic is an exposition of this philosophy. Through his art, he plays the role of the Supreme Being, indicating the ' magical fix ' He has placed us in. Such an approach to his craft is natural in one who believes that "magic is the height of Art" Whatever be the form of Art, at its best, it is considered ' magical '. And this best, or ultimate form of Art is what I have always sought.

Sorcar's craft also displays a deep spirituality. Although not overtly religious in content, his performances begin with prayer for himself and his fellow artistes. "We pray to perform well, because that is what we are born to do," he says. This is his commitment to his unique vocation.

"We are placed in this world of illusions by the Supreme Being, so that the drama of our life may be enacted in more colorful and dynamic surroundings. If there were no illusions or the wishful aspirations to live happily, would humans find any urge to move forward, to toil and create?" Sorcar Junior's magic plays out this life drama.