Death defying escape under Sea

Sorcar is sealed in a mail bag, locked in a wooden cracte, steel strapped, welded, chained and thrown in to the sea. He came out within 90 seconds keeping all the locks intact. He first performed this act on the 25th September 1969 at the Bay of Bengal near the Diamond Harbour, India.

On July 27, 1980, at the famous sea resort of Port Dickson near Singapore, Sorcar Junior was tied and sealed in a bag. This bag was then locked in a strong wooden crate, which was nailed, locked and steel strapped around all the sides.

The crate was already secured with nails and steel straps, but at the request of sceptics, several latches were fitted to the lid, and additional planks were nailed diagonally across the crate. It was inspected by a panel of judges including police officials, and the Russian ambassador.

The wooden crate with Sorcar in it was the carried, slung by chains under a helicopter, and was dropped into the deep, rough sea from a height of more than 100 feet .

In front of amazed onlookers, Sorcar released himself under water, and bobbed up within 40 seconds, keeping all the locks and seals intact. He had defied sure death , and emerged alive.