P.C.Sorcar has truly come to represent magic on a magnum scale. He has the largest assemblage of illusions in any one place in his 190,000 square feet headquarters building in Calcutta. He moves all over the world with a fleet of assistants and a shipload of equipment. A show uses 48 tons of equipment, 75 artistes, dozens of props and settings, twelve jadu girls, psychedelic laser lighting system , original music by an orchestra, about 500 brocade dresses, and four dozen illusions.

But in the midst of this size and grandeur, Sorcar Junior has not forgotten the art of small magic or conjuring which is done with the hands and best seen close up. He endeavors to incorporate such conjuring items whenever possible in his vast repertoire. The most popular ones among these have been the tricks with cards, tricks with thimbles, various ways with a rope, several fascinating happenings with coins, and tricks using match sticks.

'Small Hands Big Cards' P.C. Sorcar Jr's attempt to take conjuring to a bigger, more watchable level.