Magic as performed by P.C.Sorcar Junior is not an esoteric craft removed from the hearts of people. He uses hi skill to uplift emotions, bringing hope, cheer and happiness to his audience. He believes that the aim of magic is mainly to entertain people, and entertainment is inalienable to happiness. His own happiness comes from the 'bridge of oneness' he builds with his spectators.

Sorcar Junior presents his magic in the form of mini scenarios that reflect the predicament that people often find themselves in. His illusions provide solutions to the predicaments, such as a lonely girl being reunited with her grandmother in 'Granny', or a lame person being able to walk. The ability to identify with the pain, the joy, the hopes and fears of his audience is what makes Sorcar Junior such a consummate magician.

"Magic evolves in the minds of spectators ", says P.C.Sorcar Junior. "When spectators fail to build a cognisable explanation of the 'secrets' of magic, they submit themselves to the world of fantasies". Sorcar Junior is a master artiste of the world of fantasies.

In the real world, P. C. Sorcar Junior shows a deep concern for the less privileged and disadvantaged sections of society. He is possessed of an awake and responsive conscience that leads him to perform free of cost for physically and mentally handicapped people. In every season, he performs exclusively for orphans, and performs for the bed-ridden in hospital premises. He has performed many times to raise money for the Flood, Drought, and Cyclone Relief Funds set up by the government from time to time. He is also a generous donor to the Prime Minister's Relief Fund.

"If I can wipe off the tears of my brothers and sisters, and if I can produce food to fill their hungry stomachs, then only I shall be able to prove myself a magician, and my art of magic to be a true art. The 'miracles' I perform on stage are all illusions. How I wish I were a true magician so that I could solve the problems and poverty for ever. Let the money I earn by performing those 'theatrical illusions' be spent to perform the 'real magic' of making people happy...I am happy to have been able to make at least some people smile, in the real sense, by the money I have earned by magic. I am thankful to my art..."

'Granny'- A lonely girl misses her granny and the magician makes her appear